We also have an advanced version of our Content Management System that includes Workflows and User Management. These products cater for the more advanced user.

The User Manager is a multilevel access control panel which site managers and administrators can use to sensibly deploy our QuickChange Content Management System across an entire organisation. QuickChange Manager has everything you need to control the maintenance process on your site.

Multi Level Access through groups

User Manager gives you the ability to create groups and to set permissions for those groups to perform certain tasks. For example you can provide access to the news part of your website to your news team, while restricting their access to the events database. You can also use the system to give individuals access to single pages (such as their own personal details pages).

Page Status Variables to help the production process

User Manager gives you the ability to archive, part produce, review or publish any part of the website. You might want to archive a page if you no longer want to display it on the website but wish to keep a copy. Partly produced pages are useful if you need to finish content for those pages later - or ask someone else to complete the content. Reviewing pages allow managers to check and release completed content before changing that status of a page to publish.

CMS monitoring to evaluate site wide maintenance activities

User Manager has several monitoring tools that managers can use to evaluate the activities of users of the CMS. These include the facility to view graphs showing the number of archived, part produced or reviewed pages, graphs showing the amount of new content produced over a time period and graphs showing all users' activities. There are also summary statistics showing the extent of site resources and links through to server statistics which match the creation of new content with popularity.

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