Access CMS Professional

An Access CMS Professional Solution is aimed at businesses who need a content management solution. The Access CMS is capable of providing an editing solution for any web page which contains normal text characters - we are confident that, unless your website only contains graphics, we can provide you with a means to change your website quickly and easily.

The hosting itself consists of:

Up to 30MB disk space (enough for about 100 pages with a graphic on each page),
FTP access,
Full CGI-Bin access,
Perl/PHP, Apache and NT Webserver space (you can split between the two),
Email forwarding,
Fees for one Domain name,
Any other domain name can be pointed to same site,
Control Centre,
Full Content Management System,
Custom Error Messages,
Front page extensions (if a windows solution is chosen),
Apache Mod support,
Unlimited auto responders,
One Majordomo mailing list,
Email Aliases,

Then we charge the following for setting up your website:

One off £5 setup fee for each page requiring content management

Email and telephone Support all come as free and on tap whenever you might need us.

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