The Content Management System includes the following -

Search and Site Map.
Page History and Restore.
Page Quarantine.
Page Properties.
"Mirror Image" Content Management.
Document Uploading.
Internal and External Hyperlinks.
Full Text Editor.
Insert Images and Flash Movies.
Fully Editable Database.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, including the following buttons -

"Save" button. This saves the page and puts it on your webserver
"Full Screen" button. This opens up the editor as a full screen application.
"Preview" button. This gives you an idea of what the page will look like without the editor buttons.
"Search" button. This searches for a word within the editor content.
"Spell Check" button. This will spell check the words.
"Style & Formatting" button.
"Cut" button. Cut text from the editor.
"Copy" menu item. Copy text from the editor.
"Paste" button. Paste text into the editor.
"Undo" button. This reverses your last action or actions in the CMS.
"Redo" button. This repeats what you have just done or reverses the undo button.
"Text Colour" button. This makes the text appear as a certain colour.
"Text Background Colour" button. This makes the background of the text change colour.
"Bookmark" button. This creates an anchor on the page where you can link from one paragraph to another.
"Hyperlink" button. This creates a link either to another page or to an external web page.
"Image" button. To change how an image looks select the image and then hit this button.
"Flash" button. This button can be used to insert or edit the properties of a Flash animation.
"Media" button. This button can be used to insert or edit the properties of a Media animation.
"Table" button. These buttons either enter a new table or edit an existing table.
"Guidelines" button. In the text editor the tables will display guidelines which wont show up on the site.
"Absolute" button. For advanced users only, this button is useful if you use CSS styles for positioning.
"Special Characters" button. You can use this button to add special symbols such copyright marks, etc.
"Horizontal Line" button. This adds a horizontal line across the width of the page.
"Form" button. For advanced users only this button inserts extra fields to forms.
"Remove Formatting" button. This button removes all the HTML formatting on a page.
"Source Editor" button for full HTML editing. For Advanced users only.
"Clear All" button. This deletes everything from the Editor window, including all the text, images, etc.
"Style Selection" button. This selects pre-selected styles used for your site.
"Paragraph" dropdown. This selects the seven HTML pre-formatted designs.
"Font" dropdown. This selects the type of font you want to use.
"Font Size" dropdown. This selects a certain Font Size.
"Bold" button. Makes selected text bold.
"Italic" button. Make selected text italic.
"Underline" button. Underlines selected text.
"Justify Left" button.
"Justify Center" button.
"Justify Right" button.
"Justify Full" button.
"Numbering" button.
"Bullets" button.
"Indent" button.
"Outdent" button.

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